50 Happy Things 2018

2:54 PM Sunday, January 14, 2018

It's been forever since I've written in my blog. I started to write the other day but it's still sitting in my drafts, probably because I felt like I was talking too much and didn't know how to wrap up. 

A friend on Twitter joined a group of bloggers in writing a list of 50 happy things and I thought, "I can do that! I can write a list of good things!" In this time with all the negativity going on in the world with Trump in office and haters everywhere and with a few things going wrong in my personal life at the moment, a post about good things is... well, good. 

So, here we go, a list of 50 happy things. 

1. My husband Brad
2. My kids, daughter Moon Unit, who is happily married now, and sons Dweezil and Frank. 
3. Our pets: dogs Logan, who may be dealing with kidney failure now; Sunny, our 3-legged girl, Frisco, our little wire-haired mini doxie; and our cats Reese, a highly strung Tortie, and Poppy, a zesty little murdering ginger tabby who is the love of my life right now.

4. My brother and sisters, who I feel I've grown closer to over the last couple years, despite the fact that we are not super great at staying in touch. (Or maybe that's just me.)
5. My mother.
6. My Spathead friends, who I've known and loved on Facebook for 8+ years.
7. My Dark Cafe friends, who I've known and loved even longer. 
8. My Bloggess Tribe friends on Twitter.
9. The existence of the internet, with it's multitudes of messenger boards and social media where I can stay in touch with all my friends.
10. The fact that my husband's bankruptcy is finally paid off! Yay!
11. The home we live in, which has been a nice place to go to at the end of a long day at work.
12. Ice cream. Oh, thank god for ice cream!

13. Sunshine, even on a day as cold as they get in the middle of winter.
14. Having the weather be warm enough to go outside for walks.
15. Living on the lake and having some cute ducks coming over for food so that now they are "my squad". 
16. Not dying when I broke through the ice on the lake and plunged in over my head a couple days ago. (What my previously mentioned blog post was about and which I guess I should finish up.)
17. The Resistance, which works every day to overcome the horribleness of the Trump administration.
18. The "Fake News" outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and WaPo, who report on the Trump atrocities and keep us informed.
19. The people who have volunteered countless hours and donated millions of dollars to the rebuilding of areas hit by flooding and hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and especially Puerto Rico.
20. The ability to donate money of my own to friends who need things and to those previously mentioned hard hit areas. 
21. Netflix, which has allowed me to binge-watch tv shows while I'm home unemployed.

22. Access to relatively clean and healthy water, knowing there are places like Flint that are still dealing with bad water.
23. The #metoo movement, which has worked endlessly and tirelessly lately to call out sexual harassers and harassment, in hopes that maybe we can get this to end.
24. The end (hopefully) of the careers of men who harass and abuse women.
25. Doug Jones, a prosecutor of KKK murderers, beating Roy Moore, a known child-molester, in a ridiculously tight campaign in Alabama. 
26. Orrin Hatch's retirement
27. Not working at Fox 13 anymore.
28. My birthday cruise last year, which I still daydream about sometimes.
29. My memory foam mattress topper, which has made it easier to sleep with my achy, achy joints.
30. My weighted comforter, which has helped me sleep better at night.
31. My Ambien, which also helps me sleep at night.

32. My heating pad. I love it so!
33. Audiobooks, which allows me to enjoy literature while playing games or gardening or whatever I happen to be doing.
34. Regular books, for when I want to just sit and read.
35. My Skechers running shoes, for those days when I'm up to running.
36. Chocolate. Good, high quality chocolate! (Lindt, Ghirardelli, and Godiva.)
37. The lovely little colored daisies that have lasted on my end table for a couple weeks now.
38. Games. All kinds of games, whether board, card, mobile, or whatever.
39. My relatively new Santa Fe, which feels like it was made just for me.
40. Satire
41. Medications that help keep me functioning every day
42. A society in which my gay daughter can be married to her transgender husband. 
43. The mountains I can see every day.

44. Being able to see every day.
45. My laptop
46. My cell phone which, while maybe not being able to take the greatest pictures in the world. has survived several water incidents and is still going.
47. Laughter
48. My flower beds, which I can't wait to start working in again in a few months.
49. All the websites that make it easier for me to apply for a new job.
50. The fact that I was able to turn 50 this year.

This took me a bit longer than the 15 minutes I was supposed to use for this post and I seemed to do a combination of things that were happy with things I'm grateful for, but I guess the point is positivity, and I think I managed that. 

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  1. YAY! You did it! I'm with you on the politics thing. I need to focus on gratitude or lose my mind, given the current political climate.

    Zoo Heather

  2. Diana, Great list and so happy you joined my 4th annual #BloggersUnite! I was amazed and surprised that you did all this in 15 minutes and then read your wonderful disclaimer–– yes, positivity is more the point, though timer has its point too. I'm just glad you got inspired and joined; it's great to have new people I haven't met yet. Love the mountains you look at; it must be CO? My son lives in Denver and good friends in Ft Collins, and those views never get old! I'll add your name to my blog post, so others might find your piece a bit easier. Thanks so much for sharing your list!

    Dawn Quyle Landau

  3. Such an amazingly cute list.
    Happy New year

    Click Here to see what Mrs. Dash Says


  4. What a great list, Diana! And I thought I had a housefull ;-)


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